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The Classic Collection book cover

May 2011
ISBN 978-1-86108-845-1

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The Classic Collection

To complement ‘My Life In Textiles’ exhibition I have written a new book of knitting patterns, The Classic Collection – four decades of hand-knit design, published in May 2011.

It has been great fun taking iconic designs from 1969 onwards and making a selection of timeless, wearable hand-knits that I hope will continue on into the next decade to be long term favourites!

Some of the early designs such as Scotty, Prowling Cat, Mosaic and Navy spot are knitted using the original 4-ply Shetland wool, which is still being spun 40 years later by Jamieson and Smith in the Shetland Islands. Other designs have been re-worked and take advantage of the new soft luxury fibres produced by Rowan Yarns, such as Kid Classic, Siena 4-ply cotton and Silky Wool DK. Together with the patterns, I have commissioned essays from leading industry professionals, which not only make interesting reading, but puts the designs in a historical and cultural context for all you fibre fans. I am already taking orders for advance copies of this new book, so do use the order form to secure your own copy.

My Life in Textiles exhibition catalogue

Four decades of classic knitwear design.

Pattern, colour and texture are key to my creative process and my exhibition ‘My Life in Textiles’ reflects the importance of these elements in my work over the last four decades.

This 8-page catalogue was produced to accompany the exhibition.

Order your signed copy for £4.00 inc. p.&p.

My Life in Textiles exhibition catalogue

Knitwear by Sasha Kagan book cover

ISBN 978-1861085191


The book ‘Knitwear by Sasha Kagan’ contains 22 classic hand-knit garments, all with Sasha's signature use of design, colour and texture, offering a very wearable group of timeless pieces for the hand knitter to make and enjoy. Includes alternative colourways, extensive techniques section and her designer secrets!

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Crochet Inspirations book cover

Sixth & Spring 2007
ISBN 1-933027-12-6

Crochet Inspiration

In Crochet Inspiration Sasha creates a distinctive crochet reference. A renowned colorist, she brings her unique sensibility to more than 200 swatch designs - Fabric, Motifs, Grannies, and Flowers - and eleven new projects. A special Heirloom chapter features an essay and photo journey featuring the hand-crocheted family treasures that Sasha keeps by her side and looks upon as her muse. In Crochet Inspiration Sasha's designs come alive for the reader, opening a world of possibility in crochet!

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pages 202 and 203 of Crochet Inspiration bookpages 246 and 247 of Crochet Inspiration book

Knitting for Beginners

A new graduated knitting course to inspire the next generation of knitters.

    The book contains :

  • a unique spiral-bound, stand-up format for easy hands-free reading.
  • everything you need to know to produce beautiful knitted garments and home accessories.
  • clear, easy to follow step-by-step photographs and instructions for every stitch and technique.
  • glossary of decorative stitch and colour patterns.
  • 12 exciting projects which form a graduated knitting course.
  • eye-catching designs in stunning full-colour to encourage the more confident knitter to create unique designs of their own.


Knitting for Beginners book cover

ISBN 1-903-258-90-1

pages 36 and 37 of Knitting for Beginners bookpages 42 and 43 of Knitting for Beginners bookpages 70 and 71 of Knitting for Beginners book

Country Inspirations book cover

Taunton Press 2000
ISBN 1-56158-338-3

Country Inspiration

This book reflects my love of the Welsh countryside, my affinity with nature and my love of gardening. The designs are evocative of the seasons, with roses, autumn leaves, meadow flowers, forest fruits and cottage garden motifs. A variety of easy-fit timeless body shapes.

This book is now a collector's item. The books are previously-owned and in the best condition available. Some kits are available in the original yarns and colours, other kits can be made up in close substitutes.

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pages 108 and 109 of Country Inspiration bookpages 110 and 111 of Country Inspiration book

The Sasha Kagan Sweater Book

My first book of designs. This seminal volume was highly influential in the knitting revival of the 1980s. Although now 21 years old, the timeless designs continue to be popular. Knittink kits in the original yarns and colours available on request.

This book is now a collector's item. The books are previously-owned and in the best condition available.

Price : £20.00 + p&p (signed copy)

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The Sweater Book cover

Dorling Kindersley 1984
ISBN - 086318-051-5

Big and Little Sweaters book cover

Dorling Kindersley 1990
ISBN - 0938953-03-6

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Big and Little Sweaters

My second book offers designs for all the family. Each garment can be knitted from bust 24” (toddler size) to bust 42”. Choose your sweater shape - waistcoat, short top, crew-neck sweater, slip-over, cardigan or shawl-collar jacket. Alternative colourways are offered, giving thousands of possible combinations!

Kits in substitute yarns and colours are available on request.

This book is now a collector's item. The books are previously-owned and in the best condition available.

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