Knitwear by Sasha Kagan kits

cover of book Knitwear by Sasha Kagan

The book Knitwear by Sasha Kagan contains 22 classic hand-knit garments, all with Sasha's signature use of design, colour and texture, offering a very wearable group of timeless pieces for the hand knitter to make and enjoy. Includes alternative colourways, extensive techniques section and her designer secrets!

Price of book : £19.99

Hand knitting kits come with all you require to create your garment - full balls of each gorgeous colour (so often there is yarn left over for another project!), a large-scale colour pattern with a clear chart, buttons and the Sasha Kagan label. Knitting needles are not included. We aim to despatch your item within 7 working days; however due to yarn stock levels, from time to time this may not be possible.

Payment can be made from eack kit's detail page via PayPal, or if you prefer to use post or telephone, click here for a printable Order Form. Please click here for a printable Order Form.